Marta Zaccagnini

As a Senior Program Manager for Europe, Marta designs and implements investment readiness programs that find, train and support entrepreneurs solving problems in the region. She is currently [...]

Kim Rihal

Kim is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of Equal Education, an ambitious and growing social enterprise targeting inequality in education around the globe. Her experience is rooted in senior leadership [...]

Lise Pape

Lise Pape is the Founder of Walk With Path and in charge of business development, strategy and partnership. Lise holds a BSc in Human Biology from King’s College London and a double masters [...]

Lucy Malarkey

Lucy is the Managing Director of Women in Social Housing (WISH), the network for women working across all disciplines of social housing, and one of the Directors and Co-founders of Positive About [...]

Joanna Pollard

Joanna Pollard is Project Lead for the eBay for Change programme. She has almost two decades’ experience in the field of fair and ethical trade, having run her own fair trade retail [...]

Sarah Boateng

IGEA started as Sarah Boateng the founder moved back to her home country of Ghana in 2016 and lived in a rural village to understand the issues impacting girls in rural communities that leave [...]

Gina Cicerone

Gina is CEO of the Fair Education Alliance (FEA), a coalition of 250 member organizations from business, the third sector, and education, as well as young people themselves, who work collectively [...]

Collette Nabyonga

Collette Nabyonga co-founded TechInclusionUK to change the way technology is accessed by young people in education.  The idea was conceived during the height of the national lockdown in 2020 by [...]

Alison Turner

I founded Devon and Cornwall Furniture Reuse Project. We operate in the UK and are a local charity doing big things, we work hard with local people, councils and social housing entities to supply [...]

Fenella Chambers

Fenella Chambers advises and manages support for social enterprises and charities looking to scale their impact in a sustainable way. She works with both corporate and social enterprise client [...]

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