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The European Social Enterprise Network

Euclid Network is the European network for social enterprise support organisations (SESO). Our members are bring together their expertise, good practices and lessons learned from over 26 countries in Europe and neighbouring states. EN membership is diverse and composed of social enterprise federations (national association and networks), universities and training institutes, social investors and frontline NGOs

Together we contribute towards shaping a new type of economy – one that puts at its core sustainable development for both people and the environment.

Our Actions

With our members and partners, we deliver events, peer exchanges and policy work for social entrepreneurs and impact practitioners.

EN Impact Summit 2022

Built around the theme “Collectively Shaping Tomorrow”, the Euclid Network Impact Summit 2022 will create and strengthen meaningful connections [...]

Policy and Advocacy

Euclid Network is internationally recognized as a key sectoral representative of social enterprise, taking part in multiple Committees, advocating [...]


#BuySocial is part of a worldwide movement to highlight socially ethical organisations along with a series of good practices and activities that [...]

Peer Exchanges

Empowering civil society organisations and social enterprises through leadership exchanges

Our Resources

The Annual Consultation 2021-2022

It is known that no social enterprise operates in a vacuum. They flourish in ecosystems that build, develop and catalyse their impact. That is why Euclid Network (EN) is celebrating 15 years of empowering positive change by connecting and enhancing social entrepreneurs and their support organisations. As a Network, we champion their work and connect them to others on a European and global level. We raise visibility and understanding of social entrepreneurship and social innovation. We advocate for better fitting regulations, policies and funding, and make knowledge, resources and training available to social enterprises, support organisations and engaged stakeholders.

EN conducted a membership wide survey between November 2021 and March 2022 and these are some of the outcomes:

European Social Enterprise Monitor

The European Social Enterprise Monitor (ESEM) is the first social enterprise monitor on the European level. The project intends to close the current gap on social enterprise data and inform decision-makers in government, civil society and the economy. The ESEM gathers participants’ insights on social entrepreneurship and makes them available for decision makers, government officials, investors, researchers and impact practitioners.

The project produces elaborate country reports and European comparison, which allows for profound insights on the social enterprise ecosystem in Europe, and highlight the opportunities for development of the sector and its impact.

The Knowledge Centre

Resources & Tools For The Social Enterprise Sector.

The EN Knowledge Centre cultivates and builds cutting-edge sector intelligence, enables peer-to-peer learning and showcases the most compelling and inspiring stories from all across Europe.

Meet our Members

Our members are social enterprise support organisations and networks, universities and training institutes, social investors and funds, frontline NGOs and impact practitioners.

Words from our members

Partner with us

Euclid Network is an experienced EU project partner in Europe for Citizens, Erasmus +, Horizon 2020, ESF+, COSME and other programmes.

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