Collette Nabyonga co-founded TechInclusionUK to change the way technology is accessed by young people in education. 

The idea was conceived during the height of the national lockdown in 2020 by Collette and Rich. They had a conversation over text about the many people in education who don’t have internet connectivity or devices to benefit from an at-home education, and aren’t eligible for the then proposed government support.

The conversation turned into them creating a solution starting with addressing access to devices – TechInclusionUK has gone from a small project to a long term sustainable and circular solution to benefit education and the environment.

Bringing their biz ops, legal, information security and tech experiences together with their passion for equality for all, TechInclusionUK is helping close the digital exclusion gap.

Co-Founder of TechInclusionUK
Mini Bio
Making digital inclusion happen in the education sector, while championing data privacy
My great grandfather Ham Mukasa, among many things, was a missionary, visionary and educational inclusion advocate in Uganda. His legacy provides me with the backbone to be an advocate myself, starting in my hometown of London, for the digital inclusion of those in education. At TechInclusionUK, our work is to create a space for those excluded and a voice for those unheard
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