Elisangela Lima de Souza

Graduated in Social Communication and MBA in Project Management, I developed my professional career in Brazil in the areas of Communication and Social Responsibility, working in Corporate, Social [...]

Julia Lena Laganà

Julia is German and founding member of NewStarters. She is 36 years old and mom of two. Degrees in Spanish, English, and Law have taken her among others to experiences in Spain, Italy, the [...]

Kateřina Maříková

Katerina has master’s degree from physiotherapy. She founded hippotherapy center 10 years ago that during that time became the biggest hippotherapy center in the Czech Republic. She and her [...]

Karin Kreutzer

Karin Kreutzer is Professor of Social Business, Director of the Impact Institute, and Vice Dean Research at EBS Business School. Her research focuses on Social Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social [...]

Silvia Misu

Silvia’s passion for people and organizational development can be traced back to 2002 where she spent significant time working on diversifying social intervention methods adding social [...]

Berivan Eliş

Berivan Elis is the co-founder of Impact Hub Ankara (2021) where she leads the programs, projects and partnerships. Before Impact Hub, she founded and managed IstasyonTEDU, TED University Center [...]

Sonja Betschart

Sonja is a passionate change agent, facilitator, social entrepreneur and Ashoka Fellow with a longstanding career both in the non-profit and for-profit sectors, including start-ups, SMEs and [...]

Krisztina Tora

Krisztina Tora is Chief Market Development Officer at GSG. She helps drive capital towards impact in 70 countries, advising governments, financial institutions, and others on how to accelerate [...]

Lieke Hallegraeff

Ever since Lieke was a little girl, she has had the desire to make a difference in the world. At the age of 18 she moved abroad for the first time (South Africa), which was the start of an [...]

Elif Algu

Elif Algu is an ecopreneur, pragmatic idealist and driven to leave the world a better place with her contribution. She is a pioneer in sustainable and conscious living, creator and initiator of [...]