Gina is CEO of the Fair Education Alliance (FEA), a coalition of 250 member organizations from business, the third sector, and education, as well as young people themselves, who work collectively to ensure that every child thrives in education. Gina previously led the Teach First Innovation Unit, nurturing social entrepreneurs to tackle educational inequality through training, funding, and mentoring. This enabled a portfolio of 20 start-ups to scale from reaching 30,000 pupils to over 500,000 in 5 years. 

Gina’s support for social entrepreneurs is based on her own experience founding VASE, a pioneering social enterprise in Ecuador for youth leadership through international exchanges. After five years as CEO, she handed over leadership to pursue her Master’s in Development Management at the London School of Economics. Gina is Chair of the OVO Foundation, which enables young people to learn about and create solutions to address climate justice, is a governor of Clapham Manor Primary School, and on the Ashoka Venture Board.

CEO of the Fair Education Alliance
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Leading a movement to make education fair for all
My purpose is to tackle entrenched inequalities, and I believe that education is the most significant tool for achieving this. However, our tried and tested methods haven’t worked for all young people. For several decades, successive governments, educators, businesses, charities and social enterprises have taken efforts to improve education for children from poorer backgrounds. But this work is fragmented and often done in siloes, resulting in competing voices rather than a joined-up approach. This has left millions of children and young people behind each year, and we need to change this. That’s why I’m passionate about the Fair Education Alliance’s collective approach to taking action – using our united voice, prioritising collaboration over competition, putting young people at the heart of everything we do, and getting to the areas of greatest need.
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