I founded Devon and Cornwall Furniture Reuse Project. We operate in the UK and are a local charity doing big things, we work hard with local people, councils and social housing entities to supply much needed furniture and appliances to people getting back on their feet.

We wouldn’t be able to do it without the people donating pre-loved goods and financial donations. If you think you could help, we offer house clearances and collections for all items that meet requirements and regulations. You can learn more about this wonderful venture HERE.

Founder & CEO of Devon and Cornwall Furniture Reuse Project
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Trailblazer in the fight for gender equality
What drives me to work and focus on our charity is that we are falsely given hope that things have changed - we broke the glass ceiling but generations later we are still struggling to be seen and heard. But still women and girls are undermined, under privileged, mainly on the outskirts of society and expected to have and do it all. No matter your circumstances, no matter your religion, no matter your race, no matter your postcode, no matter your income, no matter your sexuality. YOU MATTER
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