Lucy is the Managing Director of Women in Social Housing (WISH), the network for women working across all disciplines of social housing, and one of the Directors and Co-founders of Positive About Inclusion CIC, a not-for-profit social enterprise,
providing EDI training and consultancy services.
She is a multi-award-winning equality, diversity and inclusion consultant and training provider. She specialises in the value of allyship and has been recognised for her contribution in this area. She is passionate about collaborating with clients to create innovative solutions.

With expertise in the co-creation of inclusive spaces for trans, older and younger communities Lucy was responsible for leading an organisation to the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index number one position. Lucy’s drive for the agenda was first sparked whilst completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Housing Policy and Management. She has been a key member of a number of national equality, diversity and inclusion steering groups and an active voluntary diversity mentor and coach.

In January 2022 Lucy was appointed to the role of Managing Director of WISH (Women in Social Housing), the network for women working across all disciplines of social housing. During her interview process Lucy identified that one of her priorities for WISH was to be inclusive for all women and to use language that recognises non-binary identities. This has since happened!
Lucy’s passion and commitment to the EDI agenda mean her contribution is both invaluable and infectious in influencing attitudes and behaviours and empowering people to be themselves. Lucy is a mum to two older children who continue to keep her occupied and she loves to ski and ride on a motorbike when she gets a chance!

Managing Director of WISH (Women in Social Housing) CIC
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A UK community-based network for females working across the broad spectrum of industries aligned to housing in the UK.
It saddens me that here we are in 2023 and yet gender equality is still an issue. Whilst progress has undoubtedly be made, we have so much more to still do... we carried out a survey at WISH UK at the turn of the year and found that over a third of female respondents had experienced gender inequality. The experiences women told us about ranged from the assumptions about children that were made following an announcing an engagement, to assumptions made about their role in a meeting and from exclusion following child birth to a lack of awareness and understanding about the impact of the menopause. Without doubt, there is much work to be done and organisations like WISH, that provide a safe, collaborative, community networking space for females, help to support women throughout their careers and are integral to changing these assumptions moving forward..
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