Olga Békéssy

An award-winning television reporter for nearly 20 years, Olga changed careers after the birth of her second child, due to a lack of flexible work options. She set up her own small communications [...]

Anna Kalmár

Graduating from the University of Cambrige (BA History, MSt Social Innovation) Anna began her career volunteering internationally and in her home country with different beneficiary groups before [...]

Zita Pancsovay

I am an environmentally conscious economist, a gastro professional, a chef, a foodie, who wants to make our world a better place. With a degree in economics and nearly 10 years of financial [...]

Sára Pásztor

I have founded Jamba Hungary in 2019 to create a more inclusive and more sustainable society by empowering people living with disabilities and facilitate their access to the open labour market. [...]