I have founded Jamba Hungary in 2019 to create a more inclusive and more sustainable society by empowering people living with disabilities and facilitate their access to the open labour market. Our main assumption is that having a good, productive and well-paid job is a pre-requisite for most of us to live safe, enriching and full lives. We are combining the benefits of the models of donor-funded NGOs from the one hand, and market-focused enterprises from the other. Our network of partnerships with a broad coalition of stakeholders including global donor institutions, local start-ups, multinational corporations, NGOs, volunteers, the media and the international Jamba network allows us to carry out our mission with maximised impact. 

Founder & CEO of Jamba in Hungary
Mini Bio
Creative and assiduous interdisciplinary professional
I strongly believe that all of us deserve equal chances, opportunities and rights in life – regardless of our positions in the social hierarchy. This belief empowers me and drives me to empower others.
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