I am an environmentally conscious economist, a gastro professional, a chef, a foodie, who wants to make our world a better place.
With a degree in economics and nearly 10 years of financial experience in a multinational financial environment, in 2018 I followed my dreams and created my own gastro business. I have built Borganika based on the values that are important to me. I provide my clients with quality healthy fresh food prepared according to these principles: ingredients sourced from local small producers, zero waste food preparation methods, sustainable packaging.
As a member of a committed team, we started a civil initiative during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. As case numbers started rising with more people needing hospital treatment, we felt a strong need to take part in the fight against the pandemic. We set out to connect with like-minded people who wanted to help and decided to provide daily support to the overwhelmed healthcare workers by delivering them healthy, nutritious food.
Etesd (Feed) has been operating as a non-profit organisation for almost 3 years now. Me and my team created an ecosystem of volunteers, partners, who share the same sense of responsibility, driven by a commitment to do their part in developing and supporting our communities; with their help we provided support to vulnerable groups throughout the entire pandemic and supported refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine.
During these times we experienced how it feels to provide help and support to those in need. As an environmentally responsible organisation we aim to address the same critical challenges that we face in the corporate world around sustainability, health and skills development. We believe food and gastronomy are means for initiating societal change and creating a more environmentally conscious, healthy and inclusive world.
We carry on with my fundamental philosophy of ‘What if change started with food?’. As our first priorities we have chosen to focus on childhood development and knowledge transfer, while we also enhance children’s basic-, psychomotor and social skills. With my team we have developed and implemented innovative knowledge-based Gastro Academy education programmes and workshops centering on our values.
Alongside our Gastro Academy, we organise Charity Cooking Programmes with the participation of our corporate sponsors to support our communities and we also provide food and meals to vulnerable groups. We contribute to the best of our ability to realisation of UN Sustainable Development Goals by using the toolkit of food and gastronomy.

CEO, Etesd Non-profit Public Benefit Co.
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An environmentally conscious economist, a gastro professional, a chef, a foodie, who wants to make our world a better place.
What if change started with food...? We are committed to using the power of food & gastronomy and education to raise awareness and help children and our communities to build the right skill sets and adopt environmentally conscious behaviours in their everyday lives
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