Born in 1997, Joey Li is a 24-year-old social entrepreneur dedicating her work towards building a business that supports homelessness. After studying her master’s degree at City University where she met her co-founder, she started Leiho. A social enterprise where every purchase helps to fund basic essentials such as clean socks, underwear, toiletries, sleeping bags or even a hot meal to those without a home.   

“I’ve lived in 5 different countries all of which have been big cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, London and Vancouver  – all of which has allowed me to connect with lots of people from different backgrounds and cultures, but equally, it has opened my eye to a lot of structural inequalities and that has had a huge impact in the work that I do with Leiho.”

Prior to starting Leiho, she was an undergraduate at Newcastle University studying Media and Communications whilst working in the creative and events industry. Joey’s passion for purpose led businesses has allowed her to work closely with 37 different charities and projects in the past 2 years. Her goal is to ensure that those without a home can still have access to the basic human needs of safety, health, comfort and hygiene.

Founder & CEO of Leiho
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Ethical trendsetter for the shopping business
Growing up I was lucky enough to be able to live in 5 different countries (all of which are big hustle and bustle cities i.e. Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles, Vancouver and London) so I was exposed to so many different cultures and I met incredible people from different backgrounds but on the flipside, I also witnessed a lot of structural inequality. What drives me to really grow Leiho is not only to be able to lend a hand to those in need and improve their quality of life but it’s really to inspire future generations and older generations to implement acts of kindness and encourage them to give back in every aspect of their lives. When you are helping one person, you’re also helping a lot of people. The responses we’ve been getting from the vulnerable people we’ve been helping is the main motivator of why I love what I do and I can only hope that the future of Leiho will be able to influence more people to build businesses that make the world a better place.
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