I’m a social entrepreneur. I love problem solving, innovating and collaborating with a diverse range of people to aim for a decrease in social isolation and food insecurity where I live. Co-founding and running two grassroots neighbourhood organisations has given me extensive experience in partnership working, community engagement, logistics management and PR.

I have over six years experience of managing the strategy of a social enterprise community cafe, whilst also leading on projects, obtaining funding and putting together a dynamic management team to manage the running of our organisation going forward.

I am also responsible for the day to day running of a sister business. Hive is an accessible and welcoming and collaborative coworking space. I have four years experience of managing this partnership business alongside a co-founder.

Aside from my key responsibilities, in my role as CEO for the Cafe I also partake in regular stakeholder meetings, an East Kent wide food alliance programme and a national food network of community organisations.In my spare time, aside from spending time with my family, enjoying exploring the surrounding Kent countryside and catching up on reading, I regularly partake in wider Whitstable stakeholder meetings and am also a recently appointed non-executive board member for CIC Animate Arts.

Founder & CEO of Umbrella Café CIC
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A problem solver within social entrepreneurship
I have a huge passion for the not for profit sector. Sitting within a grass roots organisation that is part of a wider sector driving sustainable and empowering change via the medium of an innovative circular economy is such an inspiring and exciting field to be a small part of.
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