Access to Finance

A report of the insightful workshops regarding ways to access EU and corporate funding that EN co-organized at the historical Strasbourg Conference: Social Economy, The Future of Europe.

Sara Barros Leitão

Graduated in Interpretation at the Contemporary Arts Academy, started the degree in Classical Studies at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lisbon and started the Master’s Studies on [...]

Sarah Boateng

IGEA started as Sarah Boateng the founder moved back to her home country of Ghana in 2016 and lived in a rural village to understand the issues impacting girls in rural communities that leave [...]

Martina Ferracane

Martina is passionate about policy-making and technological innovation. She is a post-doctoral fellow at the European University Institute focusing on digital trade and data flows and she acts [...]

Gina Cicerone

Gina is CEO of the Fair Education Alliance (FEA), a coalition of 250 member organizations from business, the third sector, and education, as well as young people themselves, who work collectively [...]

Betina da Silva Lopes

As a former Biology and Geology teacher at public secondary schools I embraced research in Science Education when I initiated my Masters’s in Communication and Education in Science at the [...]

Collette Nabyonga

Collette Nabyonga co-founded TechInclusionUK to change the way technology is accessed by young people in education.  The idea was conceived during the height of the national lockdown in 2020 by [...]

Veronika Samokovliyski

As part of ‘Can You’ Association we empower people to achieve their goals and to reach their full potential. We believe that each person has many talents that can be unlocked only with a little [...]

Sofia Gonzalez Chiraux

My experiences in cross-cutting projects in favor of women’s rights and gender equality at the international level have shown me the importance of designing and implementing coordinated [...]

Giulia Faleri

Giulia is the co-founder of the Greentech Italian startup Vezua, the omnichannel sustainability marketplace. Giulia is also a board member of the Italian holding 76 Investimenti. She is a young [...]