After a long career in the private sector working in sales, marketing and customer services for a multi-national tech company, Maggie made the leap of faith and moved into the community and voluntary sector firstly working with young people who left school early, then people parenting alone before moving to PACE in 2014 to work with people who have experienced the criminal justice system. Shortly after Maggie joined PACE she started PACE Social Enterprise which is a street furniture and flower planters business that employs people with criminal records. The main goal of the social enterprise is to give people who have been to prison a chance to gain valuable work experience and to then move into the labour market.

IN 2018 Maggie and her team started the Mugshot Coffee cart business and now have 2 fully operational Coffee Cart in Dublin providing employment to a number of Baristas. Maggie is also involved with a European Erasmus programme PREP – Prison Reintegration through Entrepreneurship and Psychology. Representing PACE, Maggie is working with TU Dublin, Universitat des Saarlandes (Germany), European Strategies Consulting and Jilava Prison ( Romania) and UAB Learnkey (Lithuania) on an online entrepreneurship training programme for people in prisons. Maggie is also 2 years into a PHD with TU Dublin researching how Entrepreneurship Training can help young people in the criminal justice system with labour market activation.

Training and Social Enterprise Manager - PACE
Mini Bio
Working to give people who have been to prison access to valuable work experience and the labour market.
I have huge admiration for people who face so many challenges and barriers but find the resilience and motivation to keep chasing their dreams. I am inspired daily by people who come from very challenging backgrounds but do their very best to change their circumstances and move forward positively in their lives.
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