Sónia Fernandes (born May 6, 1976) is a Portuguese Social Entrepreneur, author, and consultant. She is the co-founder of the Portuguese Volunteering School, an Association created in 2008 and the creator of the 4 steps Training Methodology for Volunteer Managers. Alongside with the work of capacity building, her organization is specialized in developing social innovative initiatives using volunteering as a tool for inclusion.
Passionate as she is to understand the human nature, she has decided to major in anthropology and got a master’s degree in humanitarian action, cooperation, and development. She has worked in the USA, Mozambique, East Timor and Togo with NGOs, the United Nations, and the European Union. As a trainer and teacher, she has reached out to thousands of volunteers, students, and professionals.
She has published several books and handbooks in the field of volunteer management, such as a personal diary of her humanitarian field missions, and an illustrated children’s book.
Besides leading the NGO she as founded, currently she coordinates the Global Volunteer Leadership Network (GNVL) in Europe at the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE).

Founder & President of Pista Mágica
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Specializing in capacity building and developing social innovative initiatives using volunteering as a tool for inclusion.
Being a woman and a single mother of two in patriarchal society was the major challenge I faced until now. My children were born right after founding the organization. Being a devoted mother and at the same time a social entrepreneur made me work much harder and the organization grew slower. Only now, when my children are more autonomous, I can focus more energy to make the organization more impactful, nationally, and internationally.
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