When most people consider some kind of altruism or doing good they look to philanthropy. Charities do great things, but they exist because of the inequalities and damage that corporations have created. Most business models are deeply flawed, and exploit people and nature to achieve growth.

With Moja we looked at some really big challenges: period poverty, menstrual health taboo, lack of opportunities in developing regions. Then we looked at them from a mindset of sustainable change. We believed that a social enterprise was our best option. Moja is a social impact underwear brand that trains women to start their own sewing business to produce menstrual products that are distributed alongside education.

I look forward to continuing this work, and hope that socially inclusive and thoughtful business models shape our future.

Founder of Moja
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Marketing and impact strategy is her jam
I hope women don't hesitate. Our world is mistreating people and the environment in so many ways. All because it was built upon the ideas of a single type of person, the white man. I hope the next generation of women doesn't hesitate to change that world. Because their diversity, ambition and compassion could create a world that benefits all of us.
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