I am the founder of OmMej – a digital tool that makes it possible for children to tell their own story – and for adults to access the child’s perspective. OmMej creates a bridge between the children’s experience and the adult world’s interest in helping children in the right way.

I have worked with mental health issues in both young and old and I know that struggling children grow up to be struggling adults, at great cost to both individuals and society as a whole. People ask me why I started this venture but really, it found me. I see Ommej as my life work and I truly believe that we can not just save millions per child – but realistically, save millions of children.

Founder & CEO at Ommej
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A visionary leveraging tech to help children tell their own story
Sustainability and children's rights are clearly linked to the work for a more sustainable society. By strengthening the child's human rights, many of the goals set for Agenda 2030 are also strengthened. For the implementation of the global sustainability goals, it is crucial that children are involved in societal changes. A society is not sustainable unless the young generation is healthy, resilient, and allowed to be involved and influence it.
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