Stephanie Darvill, Cofounder & COO of Aline (, Brit who has spent the last 8 years working and living abroad, moving to Stockholm in 2016 (previously in Chile, Spain, Germany, Austria and Zambia). Business Strategist and Market Researcher turned entrepreneur with a huge passion for lifelong learning. She has over 8 years of experience of working and building teams internationally in business strategy and is specialized in consumer insights & market research. She also has a degree in BSc International Management & Spanish. Stephanie founded Aline at the end of 2020 with her two cofounders Emanuel and Innocent. Aline is a data-driven learning app with a mission is to create more equitable opportunities for learning. Aline is a tool to progress professional development both within organisations and trying to enter the job market, raising a seed round now.

Many people think of only environmental impact when they consider the SDGs, and they forget that being sustainable stretches far wider and education is a huge part of sustainable development. It has been shown time and time again that investing in greater education for society, specifically for women, has significant impacts on societal development in terms of lower emissions, less waste, adopting more sustainable lifestyles amongst many other impacts. That is the mission I am on at Aline to make education more dynamic and accessible by providing more equitable learning opportunities.

Cofounder & COO of Aline
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A skilled communicator and researcher creating more equitable opportunities for learning
I hope women, and any underrepresented group, start to see role models today in positions that they want to have tomorrow. I want women to stop apologising, not be afraid to say no, speak up and not consider themselves as just lucky to be in that position, they deserve that seat at the table thanks to their hard work and they should act like it. Also, always remember to offer a hand to another woman or person that is in your previous position, only together can we change the way society is.
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