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Euclid Network (EN) believes it is necessary to understand the challenges and barriers faced by Social Enterprise Support Organisations (SESOs) to enable sustainable growth and scaling. Over the previous years of the State of Social Enterprise Support in Europe reports, EN has observed how SESOs still face significant challenges and barriers to their scaling, including the need for visibility, awareness and understanding of social enterprises among social finance providers.

The data and highlights from this section of the region allows EN to assess its added value and evaluate to what extent its core activities seek to support members in overcoming and addressing these .

Join us in reviewing the latest results of the Annual Membership Consultation 2022-2023

Better access to funding/tailor-made financing, Dedicated support programs and An enabling policy/legislative environment were the highest ranked needs of the sector by EN members.  Members also called for more work to be done in regards to visibility and data, research and insights. 

EN has been tracking the Top Needs of the Sector in recent years to observe any trends and changes as adapt our services and activities to match the needs of our members. In comparison with recent SESO reports, these needs have remained stable. We know the Network, our members and actors at large in the sector are working to address these needs, but it is a long-term process and some signs of improvement have already been spotted.

It’s important to compare the needs of the sector to the value-proposition of the Euclid Network to identify opportunities to focus on particular aspects of more importance to our members. As a member-driven organisation, EN is poised to pivot and adapt to the shifting challenges of support organisations across Europe and neighbouring countries. 

The top 3 organisational barriers indicated by EN members confirm the needs of the sector. Lack of funding for infrastructure support, Limited visibility/awareness of the sector and Insufficient organisational capacity to deliver services and support to their end-beneficiaries were ranked at the top 3 barriers.

This question allows Euclid Network to gain a better understanding of the barriers hindering the work of SESOs in scaling their impact.

To understand whether EN’s value-proposition still addresses the needs of its members, it’s interesting to receive confirmation that EN is seen “as a place to integrate a growing network of impact-driven leaders through collaboration and networking.” Updates on relevant EU policy and funding options, and relevant events, news and opportunities were also ranked high among EN members’ more relevant activities.

A novelty for the 2022-2023 survey is the  addition of an Impact Areas of Interest question, allowing us to observe the broad impact areas of interest across the membership. Not surprisingly, as SESOs are organisations implementing environmental, social and governance principles in their day-to-day work, Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainable production/consumption and Climate action/environment were the highest ranked impact areas.

How is your organisation dealing with the top needs of the sector? 

What are the actions implemented internally to circumvent the barriers outlined above?

Do you have any learnings you would like to share with us?  Don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

We’re always looking for the opportunity to learn from you and ensure you receive the support you need.

Stay tuned for more activities regarding ecosystem development and opportunities for cross-border learning!

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