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An enabling policy/legislative environment was ranked the 3rd most pressing need of the sector. This broad term may speak to a variety of aspects. Euclid Network (EN) has sought to find out more about the perceived political support and perceived importance of social enterprise (SE) legal status across Europe and Neighbouring countries.

Join us in reviewing the latest results of the Annual Membership Consultation 2022-2023

EN members were invited to rank their perceived political support for social entrepreneurship in their own country across 5 categories, from Very low to Very high. This numerical rating is limited, particularly considering the number of respondents yet it helps to illustrate the differences in perceived political support across the countries represented within Euclid Network.

EN believes that there’s substantial gain to be made in continuing the engagement with political leadership in most of the countries across Europe to increase the level of support in future years. This starts with raising visibility, awareness and understanding about social enterprise among politicians and government administrations.

Specific SE-legal status is a topic of discussion within Euclid Network and across Europe. While in most cases, it is seen as a positive step towards recognition and mainstreaming of impact-driven businesses, questions around framework efficacy and government buy-in are often raised. For EN, the solution that works locally is the best solution, with buy-in from all relevant actors.

Mapping the perceived value of a specific Social Enterprise (SE) legal status across countries represented in the Network is powerful and provides many insights to the EN team, and the wider sector.  The latest survey results indicate that SE-pecific forms were perceived of value by 50% of respondents.

EN believes that political support for social enterprises and support intermediaries is very important and can act as either a barrier or an enabler to their operations. 

How would you rate the political support for social entrepreneurship in your country? 

Does your country have a SE-pecific legal status? 

Do you have any learnings you would like to share with us?  Don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

We’re always looking for the opportunity to learn from you and ensure you receive the support you need.

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