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The Annual Membership Consultation is a yearly questionnaire sent to the whole Network to gather input from the members on:

  • Organisational structure (including staff and governance).
  • Impact creation (direct and indirect).
  • Impact measurement and management.
  • Financial growth and financial planning.
  • EU funding experience.
  • Needs,challenges and barriers of the social enterprise sector.
  • Euclid Network membership evaluation.

The outcomes of the questionnaire are EN’s guiding principles to ensure we continue addressing the challenges indicated by members and leverage their skills and expertise to foster the development of the European and neighbouring countries’ ecosystem.

The outcomes are featured in the following State of the Industry Reports highlighting trends in the social enterprise support sector, as well as challenges and opportunities:

Read more about EN’s Annual Consultations here:

State of Industry of SESOs in Europe & Neighbouring Countries: Let’s talk about finances

Social Enterprise Support Organisations (SESOs) often operate in challenging financial situations due to difficulties in accessing funding. Common challenges for SESOs often include the lack of political support, poorly suited legislation versus the needs of SEs and a lack of understanding of their business models and the importance of social impact.

State of Industry of SESOs in Europe & Neighbouring Countries: Tracking and Understanding Impact

Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) is a focus area for social enterprises (SEs), social enterprise support organisations (SESOs) and other impact-driven or social businesses alike.

State of Industry of SESOs in Europe & Neighbouring Countries: Making and Measuring Impact

Euclid Network is guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) to drive positive change. EN uses the UN SDG framework to identify members key focus areas and tailor support to address weaknesses, priorities, and gaps. To ensure this is done to be best of our ability, EN is continuously gathering information on members’ beneficiaries, type of support and challenges in providing support.

State of Industry of SESOs in Europe & Neighbouring Countries: Celebrating Diversity

Throughout Europe and neighbouring countries, social enterprises (SEs) are created in significantly different manners, assuming different legal forms. Representing their national ecosystems, EN members are social enterprise support organisations or SESOs, which support all different forms of SEs, ranging from civil society organisations (CSOs) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), to for-profit businesses that make a social impact.

Euclid Network proudly presents the State of Social Enterprise Support (SESO) in Europe and Neighbouring Countries 2022-2023 report

Every year, Euclid Network surveys its membership to better understand the state of social enterprise support in their country of origin or operating countries, and determine cross-border trends and challenges, particular characteristics of this sector, and the avenues for growth, collaboration and scaling.

EN presents the Annual Consultation 2020-2021

Based on an extensive member survey, this new report highlights the diversity of actors in the network, types of support they build, their activities in the areas identified by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the barriers for the sector.

Annual Consultation 2019-2020

Based on an extensive member survey, this new report looks into the types of organisations that support social enterprises and what their needs are to become even stronger in providing help.

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