I am the Managing Director of AfB social & green IT, – IT refurbisher, inclusion company, social enterprise. Green, because we specialise in data erasure, refurbishing and IT remarketing. That means we give a second life to discarded hardware. Social – because as an inclusion company we create permanent jobs for people with disabilities. 

Diversity plays a central role in our concept: AfB is still a teenager at the age of 17, which is why we have initially specialised in creating long-term jobs for people with disabilities. Our percentage of severely disabled people is currently at 45%!

What is your hope for the younger generation of women in chasing their dreams and realising their ambitions?

There must be freedom of choice and equal opportunities for women and men and all our colourful family models and career options. I hope that work-life balance is open to everyone and that responsibility for the unpaid and far too often invisible care work is also taken by both. I wish for different care options and that no woman has to choose between career and child anymore. 

Don’t change the women. Change the system. 

And give all young women (and men) in every country the opportunity to learn, study and build expertise, and a platform to express their lives, work and needs. The system was designed by men for men. But the system has to include the whole society, women, men and people with a severe disability. Power and money are accumulated in male hands. This is where feminism and diversity are sorely missing. Let’s share power, money and the great care work – which is an important pillar of our society – equally between young men and young women. 

Managing Director of AfB Group
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Innovative entrepreneur giving second life to discarded hardware
My wish for our younger generation of women is that it is not the system that shows them their limits, but exclusively they themselves. A system that brings out the best in them and does not slow them down.
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