Why are most baby dolls dressed in light pink and why are heroes in children’s books almost exclusively white? The cultural scientist and author Olaolu Fajembola and the psychologist Tebogo Niminde-Dundadengar have been asking themselves these questions since they were children. Even more than 30 years ago, they sometimes found it difficult to identify with the stories they read or were told. A look at today’s childrens’ rooms confirmed that not much has changed. So the two founded the online shop Tebalou. The online shop offers toys that do not serve the usual prototypes of gender, skin color, family constellation or religion. For example, handicraft materials and colored pencils in different skin tones or dolls of different ethnic origins. In this way, the child can recognize itself in its own toys, paint colorful fantasy worlds and find positive mirror images.

Co-founder & CEO of Tebalou
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Author, speaker and entrepreneur supporting you to support the next generation.
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