Working on creating the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Latvia since 2018 when  hired to develop many aspects of the growing “Social entrepreneurship association of Latvia” both long and short-term strategy and routine.  

Founder and CEO of social enterprise LLC “Ligero” – the mission is to engage young people with disabilities into work-life by offering innovative testing methods created together with pedagogues and psychologists. 

As a Social project manager at social enterprise “Sonido” being in charge of social project development and expansion of the “Let’s talk!” concept.

I consider myself a true European  and  I have dedicated most of my working life to promote European values: as a Communications officer at the European Commission and as a lawyer-linguist at the College of Europe.

What drives your work and mission?

I have been indoctrinated in the belief that one must work hard from an early age. I also always wanted to be self-sufficient in a field that draws me. Initially public communication answered this need but after I discovered social entrepreneurship, I understood that I can both satisfy my personal drive and benefit society. 

I furthermore saw a solution to the acute lack of workforce for entrepreneurs, a trend that will increase in the future. “Ligero” was established to both fulfil my determination for interesting work, my need for sustainable profit, and as a means of resolving the future problem of lack of staff. 

Creating such a business is a group effort. My role is to bring the team’s best characteristics out to fulfil a common goal: to integrate those traditionally marginalised by social norms into the workforce. They are all around us yet we don’t see them.

These potential, but still invisible employees are people with a disability, especially – youth. And seeing societal change keeps me going when growing the business becomes difficult.

Founder & Director of LLC Ligero
Mini Bio
Advocate for strong social impact through strategic communication
I am a practical person, therefore any hope must be expressed as a basis for acting. I have realised that life is long and just because you’re not financially independent or you haven’t invented a rocket that will take you to Mars, does not mean that will not happen in twenty or thirty years. That span of time may be longer than your whole life, or at least your work experience. But this is just a number – I hope to inspire people that change, radical or incremental, can be started at any age.
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