Jacqueline Djoumoi-Guez is a 35 year old CEO of a broadcasting company called Clap Productions based in Mayotte. She is very well recognized by the industry and her partners as a committed woman using broadcasting as a service for public interest and as a strong tool to rewrite a collective narrative for human and societal improvement.
Indeed, her main area of focus are around youth and women. She has produced several productions to raise public awareness in that regard.

  • The sexual health of young people through a TV show named ‘ASKIP’ . The show aimed to open up a conversation and to deconstruct certain biased about sexual health.
  • A Drug addiction documentary named ‘Chimik, the descent into hell’. the documentary addresses the issue about a locally produced drug on the island which is causing several damages.
  • A TV series “Colocs!” which addresses the issue of the emancipation of women in Mayotte.

Every year, she also produces, on a voluntary basis, awareness spots on the issue of women’s rights and violence against women. In addition, Clap Productions promotes the training of Mahoran youth in the audiovisual sector by being the first private company to have created a scholarship. 

Finally, it sponsors several sports or social associations with the aim of promoting living together, rigor and the research for excellence.

CEO of Clap Productions Company based in Mayotte
Mini Bio
Using broadcasting as a service for public interest and as a strong tool to rewrite a collective narrative for human and societal improvement, with a main area of focus around youth and women.
Over the next 10 years I would like to achieve the SDG goals by recalling the collective memory, reframing our heritage and transmitting them to the future through images. I would like to continue giving voices to different voices and to create spaces where everyone will have the right to defend what they are, their vision of the world. My culture is deeply anchored in orality, as a consequence, the wisdom which social economy derives from was transmitted through spoken words. So, in the next 10 years, my goal is specifically to achieve the SDG 5 - Gender Equality and SDG 4 - Quality education by transmitting that orality through images that we will make at Clap Productions. More concretely it means that we will produce images that promotes women and youth as well as creating tools to educate communities and vocations for them. Having more women and youth in the broadcasting industry can massively help into changing the collective narrative in order to promote social economy values that are deeply rooted into people.
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