Corine van de Burgt was born in the Netherlands (1964) and currently lives in Amsterdam with her partner and two children. After working for several years in the healthcare sector she developed a strong vision on inclusion. Most of the vulnerable people she worked with did not have the possibility to join the workforce. She started working with for-profit companies and coached people with a distance to the labor market on the job. In practice she saw that vulnerable people performed very well in enterprises that had a strong social and inclusive working method.

Since 2004 Corine is working as director of the network foundation ‘De Omslag’ and in 2012 initiated a platform for Work Integration Social Enterprises. She noticed there was no focus at all on national or local level for these sorts of enterprises. She wanted to make an attractive ecosystem in Amsterdam for the Work Integration Social Enterprises.
To achieve this, her organization De Omslag, shared knowledge and focused on: creating awareness, matching, monitoring, support, networking, advocacy, stimulating and making the sector visible.

In 2014 she joined ENSIE where she currently is President. The European Network of Social Integration Enterprises takes to its objective the representation, maintenance and development within Europe of networks and federations for Work Integration Social Enterprises.

Board member foundation De Omslag, Amsterdam and President ENSIE, Brussels
Mini Bio
Working with vulnerable people to improve their access to the workforce.
Many people are on the side and do not count, while eager to participate. In my work I saw many people who did not have the opportunity to develop themselves by participating in study or work. They think they don't belong and can't contribute anything to society. I believe everyone deserves a place in this city. Having a say in one's own life, in learning, in care and work leads to an inclusive society. In a Social and Solidarity economy this goal can be reached!
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