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This groundbreaking legislation sets binding targets to restore degraded ecosystems, emphasising biodiversity and the restoration of natural habitats.

The social economy and social enterprises globally are becoming increasingly involved in matters to do with biodiversity, particularly in Latin America under the leadership of countries like Colombia. While there’s a focus on the natural environment, this is intrinsically linked with the environment in which people live and this should have a knock on impact on things like air and water quality, protection from natural disasters and pushing back against climate change.

The EU’s Member States are expected to submit National Restoration Plans to the Commission within two years detailing how they can deliver the targets set out by the law.

Will we see the engagement of social enterprises and the social economy in delivering these objectives and the wider transformation of the economic paradigm that has contributed to the degradation of natural ecosystems? It remains to be seen whether Member States will seize this opportunity to align environmental, social and economic agendas by engaging social enterprises in their national plans.

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