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The Genesis of CEIS

In an engaging interview with Martin from Community Enterprise in Scotland (CEIS), we delve into the origins and evolution of this impactful organization. CEIS began its journey 40 years ago in Strathclyde, one of Scotland’s largest regions at the time. The initiative was a response to the challenges faced by economically disadvantaged communities. Martin explains, “We realized that community education and organizing weren’t enough unless we provided communities with economic tools to tackle their inherent challenges.”

Evolution and Growth

Originally focused on aiding the creation of community businesses in Strathclyde, CEIS soon expanded its mission. By 1984, it evolved into a broader entity, eventually becoming Community Enterprise in Scotland. Over the years, CEIS has maintained a strong focus on supporting non-profit organizations to develop effective business models. Martin emphasizes, “Our mission remains building an inclusive economy, one where ownership and participation are shared widely, addressing economic, social, and environmental challenges.”

Mission and Current Activities

Today, CEIS is dedicated to fostering an inclusive economy. This mission guides all their activities, from supporting social enterprises and community businesses to working with a diverse range of stakeholders. “We work with anyone looking to integrate economic, social, and environmental impact,” says Martin. This inclusive approach is vital in addressing the multifaceted challenges of modern economies.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Martin envisions CEIS becoming synonymous with innovation and inclusive ownership. “We want to be recognized as leaders in Scotland and create the partnerships and projects necessary for change. We aim to grow our reputation internationally,” he states. CEIS’s past achievements, like setting up the Social Enterprise World Forum, underscore their capability to make a global impact.

Joining Euclid Network

CEIS recently joined the Euclid Network, with their first AGM and Euclid meeting taking place in March this year. “We’re very conscious of how much we can learn from our European partners,” Martin notes. Despite the UK’s departure from the EU, CEIS remains committed to engaging with European best practices and policy initiatives, benefiting from the collaborative environment Euclid Network provides.


CEIS stands as a testament to the power of community-driven economic development. Over four decades, it has grown from a regional initiative to a significant player in the social enterprise sector, both in Scotland and internationally. Through their work, they continue to drive forward the vision of an inclusive economy, where everyone has a stake and a voice.

For more information on CEIS and their impactful work, visit their website.

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