The partnership met in Matera to discuss the Erasmus+ project on internationalisation for social entrepreneurship.

In the last week of July, the ESESII consortium got the opportunity to travel to Matera, Italy where they met for their first face-to-face Transnational Project Meeting (TPM). The partnership is working together on researching and developing different educational products destined to catalyse social enterprise internationalisation.

Hosted by Materahub and Euclid Network, the 6 partner representatives reflected upon the project’s progress and built on solutions to a range of open questions regarding the final months of the project duration.

Currently, the project is finalising its internationalisation training curriculum, which is a range of modules covering important topics related to internationalisation and is a great guide for anyone interested to educate learners on how to successfully internationalise a social enterprise.

Moreover, another output of the ESESII project is an “Internationalisation Toolkit,” a product designed to support SESOs in building a solid internationalisation support offering. This Toolkit will be made available in the course of the fall of 2022.

There was also time to visit the lovely Team Art Studio of Marìca Montemurro and Giovanni Papapietro who are successfully internationalising their business of beautifully illustrated ceramics. The partnership got to discuss and reflect on the artists’ internationalisation challenges and successes.

The consortium is getting ready for a busy fall and winter period during which multiple training sessions, iteration sessions and events will be organised in the context of the ESESII project. Watch this space for updates on upcoming webinars and multiplier events related to internationalisation of social enterprise.

Read what the TPMs participants had to say about the two-day event filled with conversation & all the good things south Italian culture has to offer.

“The TPM in Matera provided the consortium with an important opportunity to finalise the outstanding IOs and align on the next steps regarding the upcoming project phase. Bringing together all project partners after strictly virtual cooperation was fruitful and sparked the further international collaboration.”

– Lisa Schnägelberger, Social Impact Award.

“After a long period of mainly digital forms of collaboration due to COVID-19, the TPM provided us with a valuable time window in which face-to-face meetings were possible. Our gratitude goes to all participating organisations, and in particular Euclid Network and Materahub for hosting us in beautiful Matera and building a sophisticated workflow and documentation. It was pleasure to discuss and resolve open questions, learn from each other and gain deeper insights into the crucial role of internationalizing social business in the regional context of Basilicata.”

– Peter Vandor, WU Vienna.

The consortium’s next TPM will be happening in January 2023, where they will be meeting in The Hague, The Netherlands.

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