We are inviting submissions to tender to provide web development and design services to Euclid Network. The deadline to submit your proposal is 28 September, 2021.

Euclid Network & MedUP! Project

Euclid Network (EN) features a long history working with social enterprise support organisations and civil society leaders to promote social entrepreneurship. With this expertise we joined the MedUP! project which seeks to promote social entrepreneurship in six countries in the MENA region.

Social enterprises are increasingly becoming important drivers for inclusive growth and play a key role in tackling current economic and environmental challenges. They create jobs in a sustainable manner, mostly locally. Moreover, social enterprises often have a strong focus on social innovation and respond to needs that are otherwise not met, or not met in an optimal manner by public authorities and/or market players.

The MedUP! project, led by OXFAM Italy, seeks to harness that potential by working with a diverse consortium on the Macro-, Meso-, and Micro-Level to promote an enabling environment in the Southern Mediterranean partner countries for the development of the social entrepreneurship sector as a driver for inclusive growth and job creation. Specifically, the goal is to increase economic inclusiveness and employment in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine where adequate policies on social entrepreneurship are in place, public-private dialogue and exchanges of practices are promoted and high quality services for social enterprises are provided.

Euclid Network, as one of the MedUP!’s technical advisors, is tasked with establishing an online platform in the form of a website to facilitate collaborations between key stakeholders of the social enterprise ecosystems in the six partner countries and beyond.


  1. Website: Regional Social Enterprise Online Platform (details below).
  2. User Guide: For (country) admins to technically master the use of the website.

The platform is thought of as a digital database of key actors of the respective social enterprise ecosystems. Actors are envisioned to create a profile for their organisation (at a later development stage also as individuals) by filling out a short questionnaire. These profiles can be accessed via search or directly through the profiles on the websites. From their profiles, the organisations can be contacted. While EN is launching this platform, we plan to hand the ownership over after the termination of the MedUP! project; the development should keep this in mind.

How to Respond

Read the full Call for Tenders and submit your proposal in PDF here, by the extended deadline of 3rd October 2021.
Euclid Network reserves the right to disregard any response submitted after the deadline. Your proposal should be no more than five pages and should include:

  • Your company profile or CV
  • A short portfolio of relevant experience regarding website development
  • Your understanding of the task and working methods
  • Technical proposal
  • Financial proposal

Please direct any questions regarding the tender to Elena Mertel, MedUP! Project Officer, at

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