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The disruption that coronavirus has created throughout the world is undeniable. It has forced many organisations and businesses across all industries to re-evaluate and abruptly change their outputs and ways of working. Despite the sudden pivot, there are opportunities available, waiting to be seized by those willing to take chances.

Opportunities Continue

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) programme is one such programme that endures but with one innovative difference.

As before, the EYE programme will continue its mission to provide cross-border peer-learning exchanges at no cost for those interested in social entrepreneurship. So, what has changed? New and aspiring social entrepreneurs – instead of immediately starting an exchange abroad in one of the 38 participating countries – the exchange with their matched host entrepreneur will start remotely.

Start Your Remote Entrepreneurial Journey

Being entrepreneurial means having a flexible mindset! And that’s exactly what the EYE programme has done as well.

In this new format, EYE participants will start their exchange BEFORE arriving in the country of their host entrepreneurs. This part of the exchange can last one to three months. Travel to the host country for the in-person portion of the exchange will follow and last a maximum of six months. This temporary adaptation embraces all the benefits of the exchange without needing to delay the experience due to travel restrictions.

Remote Exchange through the Eyes of a New Entrepreneur

What is this experience really like? We asked Bogdan Nicolae Gavrila, an EYE new entrepreneur, to tell us about his experiences regarding his remote exchange.

Bogdan says when asked about his remote exchange experience:

I have been very lucky. My host entrepreneur and I are in constant communication online without any constraints to get the work done. I have learned many things related to how the architectural business works. Despite COVID-19, I had the opportunity to be part of the team, learn the mechanics of their work, which helped me think of my own future decisions as well.

During my remote exchange, I had to organise myself to find a suitable routine that works from home. In less than a week, I found it [to be] very comfortable. The focus on work was there, even when I couldn’t talk to my host entrepreneur in-person all the time, but that made me rethink my own work strategies, in order to make the most out of our online meetings.

Bogdan enthusiastically recommends the programme to anyone who wants to start their own business:

I believe every young professional that would want to start his/her own business should follow this programme because the experience that comes with it is very useful. Not only in terms of the work, but also everything that orbits around it: the work ethics, the interaction between colleagues, and the decision making.

Now is the time

This is the story of just one individual taking advantage of this unique opportunity. There are many more new entrepreneurs around the world who are participating in their remote exchanges right now.

Why not use this time to take the first steps of your entrepreneurial journey?

You can learn more about the EYE programme here or join an upcoming EYE Info Session and get answers to all your questions directly from our programme experts.

Inspired? Attend our EYE Info Session!

Aug. 31, 2020

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