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Three months ago, Euclid Network (EN) launched a new members-only webinar series entitled Driving Positive Change. The series offers another opportunity to bring the EN community together in an increasingly challenging world to share knowledge and access expert advice on today’s most relevant issues and topics of interest. It is an invaluable tool that fosters both connections between EN members and professional and personal learning experiences.

Session 1: Resilience & Wellbeing – with Lucy Gower

Beginning in March, many of us moved from a traditional office environment to a full-time home-based one seemingly overnight. This drastic change coupled with weeks of limited social interaction brought to the forefront questions regarding mental and physical wellbeing, while in isolation. In an interactive session, hosted by EN CEO Suzanne Wisse-Huiskes, and a professional facilitator, Lucy Glower, we explored diverse ways to build healthy routines when working from home.

Among others, one tip Lucy recommended for those having difficulty switching between leisure and work modes at home, was to do something that puts you in the right mindset for work. This activity for example could be as simple as taking a daily walk or “commute” to the office. This action helps signal that your home space has changed into one designated for work. Conversely, a “commute” at the end of the working day will have an opposite effect, changing one’s mindset from work to leisure.

Session 2: How to Thrive Personally & Lead Others Well in a Remote Work Setting – with Chase Warrington

With Christian Vietz of EN and Chase Warrington, we visited again the theme of remote work, but from a different perspective. After months of working from home, the session explored ways in which individuals can thrive and managers can effectively lead their teams while working remotely.

Chase has been a remote employee for more than 10 years and currently works for Doist, a company where everyone is remote. During the session, he highlighted both the advantages and disadvantages of remote work and how to set oneself up for success.

He especially advocated for trust and communication to be the cornerstones of successfully working in remote teams. Managers must trust that employees are completing tasks, and not overly concern themselves with monitoring the amount of time their teams spend online. They also need to facilitate a culture where everyone is free and encouraged to disconnect.

Communication is also important. There are many applications that have chat functions and other ways for teams to be in constant contact. On the one hand, this is great to help avoid the pitfalls of loneliness, but it also creates the expectation of instantaneous replies. Moving away from this expectation will help teams to dive deeply into their tasks and achieve better outputs.

At the end of the session, Chase offered Doist’s tools for task management, productivity, and communication free of charge to interested EN members.

Session 3: Accessing EU Funding

The next session will focus on funding which will be of interest to many in the social impact community who are currently struggling financially. Wieteke Dupain of EN will host an hour-long session that will deep dive into the bureaucratic yet rewarding world of EU funding. This session scheduled for Wednesday, July 22 at 1300 CEST.

We will announce more details as they become available.

Future Sessions

At Euclid Network, we remain committed to supporting social entrepreneurs and social enterprises with opportunities and content that will drive positive change. All EN members are encouraged to email us at if there is any particular topic or interest they would like to discuss.

Remember we are in this together and we are better together.


Interested? The Driving Positive Change webinar series is exclusively available to EN members. Find out how you can take part in the next session and learn more about the other benefits of membership, here.

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