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Being part of a European Network for social entrepreneurs and impact-driven leaders comes with a plethora of benefits. Our members bring together their expertise, good practices and lessons learned from over 21 countries in Europe and neighbouring states. Together we contribute towards shaping a new type of economy – one that puts at its core sustainable development for both people and the environment.

Significant progress has been made to reduce income inequalities in Europe, but there remain considerable impediments for many marginalised groups. For more than a decade, Euclid Network has been shaping the future of the world’s economy through our work with social enterprises and social entrepreneurs. Our mission is to create a global reality where businesses make decisions not solely based on profits, but instead the social and environmental impact their services have on communities.

We envision a world in which the social and solidarity economy is the worldwide standard, rather than the exception. Everything we do stems from this vision. With our members and partners, the projects, policy advocacy, and partnerships we undertake are focused on developing and growing a diverse and collaborative network of social impact practitioners that contributes to all seventeen of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Together, we collaborate to:

  • Create connections between leaders in the impact and social enterprise ecosystem
  • Share and produce leadership, professional and entrepreneurial know-how
  • Influence European policy and funding and strengthen members’ and network participants’ EU engagement
  • Raise the visibility and understanding of social enterprise in business, academia, government, and wider society

Are you ready to take your organisation to the next level with a close-knit community of like-minded changemakers? Then, learn more about Euclid Network and the many opportunities we have to offer social enterprises.

Let’s lead the change and become #BetterTogether!

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