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15-16 September 2016 – Edinburgh, Scotland

This Open Seminar is part of Euro-Atlantic Peer Exchanges delivered by Euclid Network and the Foundation for Development of Democratic Rights (DemNet) with the financial support of the British and American Embassies in Budapest, Hungary. We are connecting eight CSO and SE leaders from each of the participant countries – Hungary, the UK and the US – to share and produce knowhow on common challenges and shared opportunities.

A thriving civil society is crucial to democracy, social cohesion and sustainable development. Together with the allied movement of social enterprises (SEs), civil society organisations (CSOs) large and small are playing a valuable role in realising democratic values by voicing the concerns of citizens. In a flourishing democratic society, CSOs and SEs have to drive positive change not each NGO in isolation but as a collective force of and for the people.

How do organisations in our impact-driven sector best work together to achieve common goals and advocate for a favourable environment? Among Euclid Network’ s values is “inspirational leadership and collective endeavour”. This speaks not only to individual CSOs and SEs but also to our collective endeavour as a sector, in all our colourful diversity, to drive positive change. In this Euro-Atlantic Open Seminar, we drew on inspiring practices of growing member federations and movements from different parts of Europe and the US.

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