Find out at our inaugural Euclid Summit 2016 where we will be running forward-thinking knowhow masterclasses, inspiring keynote speakers and informal networking cafes.

Knowhow matters because it’s what you need to drive positive change as a civil society organisation (CSO) or a social enterprise (SE). Let’s find out together what skills and knowhow we need to be effective beyond 2020 in Zagreb on 24-26 February at the Euclid Summit.

Powerful emerging trends in the wider world and within organisations are forcing change and presenting new opportunities. Growing societal challenges, shrinking resources and geo-political instability are creating a turbulent environment. Changing expectations of work, digital technology and new forms of public engagement are reshaping organisations in all sectors. Leaders and entrepreneurs are pioneering new methods like social innovation, design thinking, impact orientation, multi-sector collaboration and community mobilisation.

The Euclid Summit 2016 will feature inspiring knowhow keynotes, forward-thinking masterclasses and informal knowhow cafés. The key common topics are knowhow for people, for money and for impact, three key management issues for any CSO or SEs. In addition, special streams will speak to civil society leaders and social entrepreneurs. Participants will have access to some of the vey best knowhow from around Europe.

Special sessions will provide strategic insights and intelligence on how to work effectively across borders by accessing EU funding and engaging with EU institutions. It will help identify peer organisations, with which to build relations and develop alliances. The European Social Fund, Erasmus Plus and Horizon 2020 are the most relevant European programmes for building knowhow.

The host country, Croatia is the EU’s newest Member State and uniquely placed to provide fresh perspectives on innovative knowhow. Join us in the vibrant city of Zagreb to empower civil society and social enterprise to drive positive change by building your knowhow for 2020 and beyond.

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So what skills do you think we need?

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