At our recent social enterprise round table  in Brussels, we caught up with Karl H Richter (Co-Founder, EngagedX) to discuss the opportunities provided by the social impact investment market for social innovators as part of our expert interview series in the SIE Fundraising Hub

EngagedX is a social enterprise with the mission of unlocking socially motivated capital by developing market infrastructure for data driven services and products.

In the interview, Karl H Richter draws on the findings from their recent landmark dataset on social impact investing in the UK to highlight the potential within the market. Their findings demonstrate that investing in social enterprises is no more risky than investing in SMEs, supporting the case for funding social innovation.

Within the international context, Karl H Richter explains that similar analyses exist including the recent study from Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) and Cambridge Associates. Taking the EngagedX dataset as a foundation block, the focus should now be on integrating these local initiatives to improve market data overall and grow the sector.

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