Nina is passionate about new leadership styles and innovative impact models. She studied international business at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and worked in consultancy and marketing before applying to Teach For Austria. As a TFA fellow, she was a teacher in a low-income inner-city high school for two years. This is when Nina, and her two co-founders Lisa-Maria and Julian met. Determined to show the huge potential of integration and equal opportunities, the wirkt. vision was born. At wirkt. Nina works with a great team of 20 impact-driven individuals to forge perspectives for the world of tomorrow. Nina is also member of the Social Entrepreneurship Network Austria (SENA) board and was on the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe list.

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at wirkt. (wirkt. social innovation GmbH (gemeinnützig)
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Passionate about new leadership styles and innovative impact models.
What drives me to work in the social enterprise field is the impact that we have with what we do every day. There are stressful, routine and challenging tasks, but then there is also very tangible impact. We have participants with a refugee experience that visited us 2-3 years after participating in one of our programs and they completely turned around their lives. We talk to parents of kids that take part in our workshops and hear them explain the amazing changes their kids have gone through. Those are the moments I work for.“
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