Katerina has master’s degree from physiotherapy. She founded hippotherapy center 10 years ago that during that time became the biggest hippotherapy center in the Czech Republic. She and her team help more than 150 kids with special needs from the Czech Republic. Their herd consists of 8 specially trained horses. Katerina developed methodology which is approved by the Czech ministry of health.

She provides certification for physiotherapists, and she also lectures at two Czech universities. She has very deep experience with a wide range of different diagnosis from cerebral palsy, very specific and rare diseases to heavy scoliosis. In 2021 started conducting 2 special research on the effect of hippotherpay on Down syndrome and SMA (Spinal muscular artrofy). Katerina and her team are achieving incredible results in the development of kids with special needs to their maximum potential.

CEO and Founder of Centre of Hippotherapy Mirakl
Mini Bio
Achieving incredible results in the development of kids with special needs and helping them achieve their maximum potential.
I know that my life ́s mission is to help disabled kids through hippotherapy. My main drive is that I see developments of kids that nobody believed in. I think there is always a better way and space for an improvement for every single kid. And I'm proving it every day when I work with kids with special needs. Seeing these results helps me to overcome any obstacles I'm facing as CEO of NGO.
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