Having started my career in Journalism and Marketing and gaining experience in international organizations, I founded a couple of successful PR and Advertising businesses and a number of various other projects, such as conference “Healthy and Happy Mother”, video show “Vitamins for the Soul”, and others.

After discovering my gift to inspire people and help them overcome their inner barriers, I designed a training programme “Inspiration Workshop”, which was followed by other initiatives inviting people to take a step forward. My never-ending desire to learn more and take on new challenges inspired my latest visionary project, which turned into the first online university for
women in Lithuania that has since March 2019 inspired 5000+ women to seek more. I strongly believe that education is one of the most important means of empowering women with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence and encouraging them to be fully happy in their careers and personal lives.

Therefore, “WoW University” encompasses not only academic disciplines, but also encourages personal and spiritual development. From 2022 Autumn the implementation of the EU project “Alternative investment detector” has started with the idea of “Competence and Career Center”, in which socially challenged women are invited to develop and
acquire soft skills and new qualification. From 2021 organizing a project to fifty girls living in Lithuania and aged 13-17
called “Future Heroes Lithuania”. This roject is dedicated to girls’ entrepreneurship and leadership development, which is funded by the British Council and Ella Fund with Swiss Philanthropy Foundation. There is a Social Scholarship initiative for women experiencing social challenges to study at „WoW University“. More social initiatives are created every year, such as the “I Am You” project, the aim of which is to contribute to a future where both men and women can choose a profession without being limited by entrenched stereotypes.

Founder & CEO at WoW University, NGO.
Mini Bio
Visionary Entrepreneur, Speaker, EQ Development Professional
“The world has changed and will never be the same again as it was before. All of a sudden for us meaning became important. The biggest meaning for me in life - is constant unstoppable evolution: change, growth, learning and contributing to a brighter future. Exactly that's why I founded an organization where I can to grow not only yourself, but also to empower other people for their personal evolution. I believe that today knowledge, skills and support are the most valued and the most sustainable currency in the world.
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