I was born on May 2, 1975, in the city of Braga, Portugal. I am married, have a daughter and live in the city of Braga. I have a degree in Sociology – Social Policies by the University of Minho Post-graduation in “Quality, Management and Evaluation in Rehabilitation Entities”, by Lusíada University ISEP – INSEAD SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAMME, from IES – Social
Business School.
Masters in Impact, from IES – Social Business School.
Executive Training in Impact Investment, from IES – Social Business School.
Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, from IES – Social Business School.
Executive Training in Theory of Change and Impact Evaluation, by Logframe.
Course in Impact Evaluation, of scientific method, by Tecminho /University of Porto.

Co-founder of HPH – Human Power Hub with functions of Advisoring board and strategy manager; Sociologist in the municipality of Braga, since 2002.
Coordination of the program of the Social Network of Braga, an consultation and participation network of all entities that contribute to social cohesion in the city of Braga.
Facilitation and promotion of several thematic working groups and forums in the areas of active aging, poverty, gender equality, disability and unemployment.
Coordination of the Group of planning and intervention with homeless people in order to promote their full integration in the community.
Vice-president of Caritas Arquidiocesana de Braga, since 2021.

Coordination of Red May – Proximity Network of social and mental health support for people aged +55 years.
European project of cooperation between the Municipality of Braga, the Junta of Galicia and the University of Vigo Coordination the Urbact Network Braga – Roof | Ending homelessness | creation of innovative housing solutions for homeless people.
Coordination the Social Welfare Officer of the Municipality of Braga, until 2020.
Participation in the Urbact Network BoostInno – Boosting Social Innovation | creation of urban ecosystems of social innovation.
Case management technician at the Children and Youth Protection Commission of Braga.
Social Judge in the Family and Juvenile Court of Braga.
Integration the Portuguese Network of Intercultural Cities.
Participation in several trainings in the areas of gender equality, family and conflict mediation, social responsibility, coaching, planning, project management, entrepreneurship, interculturalism and social innovation.

Advisor Board and Strategical Manager in Human Power Hub – Social Innovation Center, Municipality of Braga
Mini Bio
Sociologist contributing to social cohesion in the city of Braga.
What inspires me is the passion of being able to collaborate in an area that has a positive impact on people's lives and contribute to their social well-being and quality of life. Working in a social enterprise, such as the Human Power Hub - Social Innovation Center, has allowed me to empower and challenge social organizations and social entrepreneurs to design creative and innovative solutions to combat complex and emerging social problems, as well as find new, more efficient and effective social responses for the community where they live and achieving this goal is very rewarding on a personal and social impact level. I particularly enjoy working in this area because of the constant challenges and the stimulating and challenging environment, which constantly forces us to improve knowledge and acquire new skills to achieve my organization's goals. My professional experience in networking and coordinating social projects and my knowledge of the social reality allow me to develop my organization's mission and its positioning in local policies. Intervening in the area of social innovation through the encouragement of national and international partnerships has allowed the consolidation and scaling of my social enterprise based on the values of social justice and the creation of positive impact for communities. For the mission of my social enterprise, I must also highlight the importance of the work of encouraging and raising local awareness of social entrepreneurs and organizations and the impact investment that has been made by local authorities to enable the creation of innovative social and sustainable development projects implemented by very special people who, like us, want to change the world for the better.
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