Special Education Teacher since 1992. University professor and researcher since 2003
Special Education PhD (Salamanca University, 2012)
ISEP on INSEAD (Fontaiblleau, Paris, 2018)

Portuguese Volunteering award (2014)
Social Innovation Tournament Impact Bootcamp finalist (EIB Institute, 2016)
Social entrepreneur of the year (INSEAD Portugal, 2016)
Personality of the year in social area (CASES, 2017)
ASHOKA Fellow since 2021
Award by Hundred with EKUI, as one of the 100 best educational innovations in the world (Finland, 2022).

Founder of several award-winning social innovation projects, including EKUI in 2015.

Founder and CEO of EKUI
Mini Bio
Special education teacher, University professor and researcher since
My purpose in life is to spread EKUI´s methodology, that is, changing the way children learn and communicate through empathy and inclusion. Inspired by Universal Design for Learning, EKUI improves the literacy education process, making it accessible to everyone. It helps to identify and eliminate barriers in communication and in the learning process so that no children are left behind.
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