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In the ever-evolving landscape of social entrepreneurship, collaboration and capacity building have become vital components of scaling impact. The Driving Positive Change (DPC) series, initiated by the Euclid Network (EN) during the COVID-19 pandemic, has been a beacon of support, networking and capacity building for its members.

As part of this series – last Friday – the session Partnerships Towards Success delved into the art of creating successful partnerships and explored the role of social entrepreneurship in forging these alliances. It emphasizes the importance of partnerships in scaling Social Enterprise Support Organisations (SESOs). The chosen theme is rooted in the insights gathered from the latest Annual Membership Consultation, where establishing partnerships emerged as the second most favored strategy for scaling among EN members. The masterclass adopted a conversation-style format, with a brief introduction, insights into speakers’ organisations, an ice-breaker session, a discussion on the scaling journey through partnerships, Q&A time with EN members, and a closing segment. The overarching goal of the session was to facilitate knowledge exchange, share best practices, and create a networking space for EN members to explore partnership-making strategies.

The session was guided by partnership experts, Ieva Zebryte International Projects’ coordinator at the Lithuanian Social Business Association (LiSVA); Jenny Roxhensa Belba, responsible for the Digital Innovation Hub and Confcooperative at Alleanza delle Cooperative Italiane and Nika Stegovec Partnerships and Event Lead at Social Impact Award (SIA). As speakers, they brought different sets expertise and knowledge on the multitude of forms partnerships can take. From incites on establishing partnerships with universities, corporate entities, government institutions to non-European partners. Their experiences highlight the importance of shared values, mutual goals, and the ability to adapt to the complexities inherent in partnerships. The speakers provide a glimpse into their organizations’ scaling journeys, citing impactful partnerships with entities such as, SAP, and Luminor bank. They emphasize the significance of resilience, shared commitment, and long-term relationships in the scaling process. The speakers also touch upon the critical issue of power balance in partnerships. Insights from Nika, Ieva, and Jenny reveal the importance of clear agreements, leveraging expertise, and recognizing the inherent power SESOs possess.

The DPC Series: Capacity Building to Scale Impact 2023-2024 is a testament to the Euclid Network’s commitment to supporting its members in their scaling endeavors. The session on partnerships provides a valuable platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and learning from real-world experiences. As social entrepreneurship continues to evolve, these sessions play a crucial role in fostering a collaborative and empowered community dedicated to driving positive change.

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