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We are excited to announce the launch of The Social Economist – the podcast which bursts the bubble of EU jargon and brings the developments in European social entrepreneurship to you.

Confused by what the European Commission is doing? Don’t understand what all these policies mean? Not even sure what some of the words mean? Tune into The Social Economist as we talk to those working in the heart of the Brussels Bubble and other international institutions and listen into the latest developments in European social enterprise, what is happening, why it’s important and what it means for you.

In this first episode of The Social Economist, we’re talking about one of the most recent and biggest policy initiatives to come from the European Commission on social economy: The Transition Pathway for the Proximity and Social Economy Industrial Ecosystem. Join host Toby Gazeley (Policy Lead at Euclid Network) with his co-host Gerlinde Schmidt (Euclid Network) as they unpick what this new policy development focussing on the twin green and digital transitions really means.

To help them unpick this, they’re joined by Karel Vanderpoorten (Policy Officer at the European Commission, DG GROW) and Victor Meseguer (Director of Social Economy Europe). This episode is packed with content including how the Transition Pathway links to the Social Economy Action Plan, the EU Green Deal, the Updated European Industrial Strategy and the Staff Working Document which kicked-off the co-creation process. They also touch on some more concrete examples including the EU3Digital Project, the European Commission’s ongoing call for pledges and the open funding call for proposals focussing on greening the social economy.

Our podcast is also available on Apple Podcasts and on Google Podcasts.

Our theme music is ‘another ten’ by Mikel Patrick Avery at Music For Podcasts.

Special thanks also to our Producer Jan Kiszowara.

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