THE HAGUE (Euclid Network) – We are proud to announce the official launch of the inaugural European Social Enterprise Monitor (ESEM) report at the European Commission’s European Social Economy Summit #EUSES, held virtually in Mannheim on 26th May 2021. The Monitor aims to close the current gaps in data, knowledge, awareness and understanding of social enterprise on  both national and European levels. 

ESEM is a panel research project launched in 2020, aiming to provide in-depth data and insights on social enterprises and social start-ups across Europe. The first of its kind, ESEM fills the current gap in data on social enterprises in Europe and offers an unparalleled opportunity to develop policies that have a strong, broad and comprehensive evidence base. The report ensures that data provided by impact practitioners is readily available for decision-makers in politics, civil society and the wider economy. The outcomes highlighted by the ESEM report aim to ensure that funding opportunities and policies on national as well as European level are more responsive to the needs of social entrepreneurs. 

What is ESEM?

The ESEM 2020 is the first social enterprise monitor to be carried out at the European level, offering previously untapped insights and potential. In September 2020, EN in close collaboration with its partners, launched the ESEM Survey. Socially and environmentally minded entrepreneurs across the continent had the opportunity to share their experiences as social entrepreneurs and social enterprises  in their respective countries. Simultaneously, they fed into a collective report at the European level and supporting a better understanding of the wider European social enterprise ecosystem. 

The ESEM builds upon the success of past social enterprise monitors in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. These national reports have delivered in-depth data on social enterprise and start-ups leading to important changes in policy-making and investment decision-making.They have also contributed to an increased visibility and understanding of the concept and models of social enterprises, highlighting their potential for and crucial role in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Who are the partners?

The ESEM project is supported by the European Commission through the EaSI programme. The project consortium is led by Euclid Network and consists of national social enterprise networks, universities and research centers in eight  European countries. Each country has a lead partner:  

  1. Croatia – Act Grupa
  2. Denmark – Sociale Entreprenor i Denmark
  3. Estonia – Social Enterprise Estonia
  4. Germany – Social Entrepreneurship Network Germany (SEND)
  5. Portugal – EsLider
  6. Spain – ESADE
  7. Sweden – Forum for Social Innovation
  8. United Kingdom – Social Enterprise UK

In future years, the pool of countries and partners participating contributing to the ESEM is envisaged to grow. There will be opportunities for many groups to support and participate in our continuing work, for example as research  partners, outreach partners and sponsors. Organisations from countries who are currently not yet partners are welcome to contact us. 

Are you a social entrepreneur who wants to influence the next generation of social enterprise strategies, policies and funding? Through the following link, you can sign up for a notification when a survey for your country will become available.

Get involved

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