As part of our strategic partnership with the European Commission under the EaSI programme, Euclid Network is launching a call for tender to update the EU Funding Toolkit.

The EU Funding Toolkit developed by Euclid Network is a unique resource which unwraps the funding programmes of the European Commission that are relevant for the social enterprise sector.

1. Objectives – activities – outputs

The general objective of this call for tender is to update the existing EU Funding Toolkit of Euclid Network. The update includes an additional chapter on the basics of international fundraising. The update also includes additional chapters on funding opportunities in Europe for social enterprise support organisations, beyond those of the European Commission. Examples of non-EU funding opportunities include grants from foundations.

Under the supervision of the Programme Manager, the successful candidate would be expected to:

  • Research relevant funding opportunities for social enterprise support organisations;
  • Provide a mapping of relevant funds;
  • Liaise with the Programme Manager on which funds will be described in the Toolkit;
  • Do in-depth interviews with the selected funds;
  • Draft the additional chapters.

The updated EU Funding Toolkit must contain clear and detailed information on the following:

  • A basic introduction into international fundraising in the social enterprise space;
  • At least 4 additional chapters on non-EU funding opportunities, following the logic of the existing toolkit;
  • Additional tips & tricks on accessing funding.

2. Timeline

Stages Dates
Publication of call for proposals 14 December 2020
Deadline to submit proposals 18 January 2021
Information to applicants 31 January 2021
Implementation of activities 1 February – 20 March 2020
Deadline of final version 20 March

3. Indicative effort

5 person days for development of the preliminary version of the updated toolkit
2 person days for collecting feedback from stakeholders
3 person days for finalisation of the Toolkit

4. Selection criteria

Providers are shortlisted based on:

  • Relevant experience;
  • Understanding of the task and of the audience;
  • Competitive price;
  • Existing network of international foundations operating in the social enterprise sector would be considered a plus.

5. How to submit a proposal
Please submit your proposal in PDF by email to Veerle Klijn ( before January 18th2021. Euclid Network reserves the right to disregard any response submitted after the deadline.

6. Application package

Your proposals should be no more than two pages and must include:

  • Your company profile;
  • A brief outline of relevant experience, including a writing example;
  • A technical proposal (your proposed method and approach);
  • A Financial proposal.

For further clarification and other questions, please get in touch with Veerle Klijn (

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