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On 11 December 2017, six new Directors were elected to the Euclid Network Board at its Annual General Meeting for the term 2018-20, all representing Member Organisations, joining the four current Directors. The Board for the term 2018-20 will be composed of:

  • Neven Marinovic, Executive Director, Smart Kolektiv, Serbia (President)

  • Eva Varga, Independent Expert, Hungary (Vice-President)

  • Pat Armstrong, CEO of Association of Chief Officers of Scottish Voluntary Organisations (ACOSVO), UK

  • Angels Guiteras Mestres, CEO of ABD, Spain

  • Helena Gata, President of ESLIDER, Portugal

  • Gorgi Krlev, Research Associate at Centre for Social Investment, University of Heidelberg, Germany

  • Michael Meyer, Academic Director, Competence Centre for Nonprofit Organizations and Social Entrepreneurship, Vienna University of Business & Economics, Austria

  • Truls Neubeck, Executive Director of IDEELL ARENA Sweden

  • Primoż Šporar, President of Association of Private Institutions, Slovenia

  • Riccardo Rè, CEO of Adelante Dolmen and Welfare Milano social enterprises (nominated by Consorzio SiS), Italy

Our President, Sir John Low, an outstanding servant of civil society and social entrepreneurship in Europe, is stepping down on 1 January 2018. Sir John has been a Director of EN for ten years and served as President for the last two. Vice-President, Eva Varga, paid tribute to him:

“John Low provided valuable strategic guidance to EN during his term as President, using his insight and long time experience in financing and supporting civil society and social enterprise. He has also successfully led EN through an organisational and strategic change, preparing the organisation for a new era following Brexit. John has lent tremendous support to the EN team as well as providing leadership to the diverse international board.”

Here John shares the highlights and battles of EN’s ten years

The leading social entrepreneur and civil society activist from Serbia, Neven Marinović, has been appointed new President of Euclid Network. He says:

“I have been involved with EN from its early days, especially from its first steps to the Balkans region. I would like to see EN becoming even more influential as a facilitator between different stakeholders, sectors, topics and countries, as well as catalyst of positive changes and new approaches.”

Here Neven tells us how he’s thinking ahead for EN’s next ten years.

Welcoming Neven, our CEO, Stephen J. Barnett: “Neven is the first social entrepreneur I ever met, back when I joined EN in early 2014 and I was always impressed with what he had achieved with Smart Kolektiv in Serbia, bringing different stakeholders from civil society, social enterprise and business together and placing their initiatives in a wider European and global context. I’m looking forward to working with him to prepare EN for a new era simmering with potential for positive change in Europe and its near Neighbourhood.”

Board and staff 2018

EN Board and staff team, December 2017 Back row: Truls Neubeck, Neven Marinovic, John Low, Riccardo Rè, Primoz Sporar, Michael Meyer, Stephen Barnett Front row: Alexandra Yaghil, Gorgi Krlev, Helena Gata, Pat Armstrong, Angels Guiteras, Marta Bruschi, Vera Borsboom

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