Elisangela Lima de Souza

Graduated in Social Communication and MBA in Project Management, I developed my professional career in Brazil in the areas of Communication and Social Responsibility, working in Corporate, Social [...]

Cláudia Igreja

I was born on May 2, 1975, in the city of Braga, Portugal. I am married, have a daughter and live in the city of Braga. I have a degree in Sociology – Social Policies by the University of [...]

Maria Freitas do Amaral

I am a 27-year-old young woman with the desire to change the world. I have been doing voluntary work since I was young and I discovered the value of making others happy with the small things and [...]

Jenny Romano

Jenny is Co-Founder of The Newsroom, on a mission to fight misinformation and break filter bubbles in the news. She started her career in the world of technology, working in Digital Sales at [...]

Lusia Barseghyan

Having more than a decade of experience in strategy and management positions worldwide, I always gravitated towards the arts. The global pandemic hit artists, especially women very hard, leaving [...]

Celmira Macedo

Special Education Teacher since 1992. University professor and researcher since 2003 Special Education PhD (Salamanca University, 2012) ISEP on INSEAD (Fontaiblleau, Paris, 2018) Awards: [...]

Elena Parras Durán

Born in Jaén (Andalucia, España). She is an advocate of equal opportunities for people’s well-being. Passionate about Social Entrepreneurship, she founded 55+ to recognize the value of those who [...]

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