Lieke Hallegraeff

Ever since Lieke was a little girl, she has had the desire to make a difference in the world. At the age of 18 she moved abroad for the first time (South Africa), which was the start of an [...]

Elif Algu

Elif Algu is an ecopreneur, pragmatic idealist and driven to leave the world a better place with her contribution. She is a pioneer in sustainable and conscious living, creator and initiator of [...]

Astrid Bruinsma-Eggink

Astrid is on a mission. A mission to change the lives of 100 million Europeans to improve their financial health and support a greener life. So doesn’t do this on her own. She leads the way with [...]

Leonie Bank

I am working as operations and program manager at Social Enterprise NL; the national network for social enterprises in The Netherlands. Together with our community of 430 members we strive [...]

Carmen van der Vecht

Carmen van der Vecht, Amsterdam, Industrial Designer, Photographer, Carmen founded Rambler in 2007 after portraying lots of young people living on the streets in cities such as London, São Paulo, [...]

Corine Van de Burgt

Corine van de Burgt was born in the Netherlands (1964) and currently lives in Amsterdam with her partner and two children. After working for several years in the healthcare sector she developed a [...]

Karin Kandt-Reinders

As founder of the Dutch interior brand Fair Fabrics, Karin leads several (inter)national teams of artisans and specialists. The social enterprise was founded in 2011 and is therefore an early [...]

Elianne Leeffers

Elianne is the CEO and founder of Go Potty (, a Netherlands-based tech startup. Go Potty is on a mission to protect the planet against the devastating environmental impact of [...]

Nancy Moorman

Nancy was born and raised in Amsterdam, where she was a first generation student in her family. While studying at the University of Amsterdam she discovered the power of social entrepreneurship [...]

Elissa Glorie

When most people consider some kind of altruism or doing good they look to philanthropy. Charities do great things, but they exist because of the inequalities and damage that corporations have [...]

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