Agnese Frīdenberga

Agnese Frīdenberga is a policy analyst and legal advisor working at a leading policy centre in Latvia – Centre for public policy PROVIDUS. Agnese believes that social entrepreneurs are [...]

Inga Muižniece

Inga is the founder of the social enterprise Sonido and an expert on work integration. She has several years of experience in the integration of people at social risk into the working [...]

Diana Lapkis

Diana is a co-founder and CEO of the International Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation platform NewDoor – the first social entrepreneurship accelerator in the Baltic States, founded in [...]

Regita Zeiļa

Skilled social economy expert, working in the field since 2017 and an advocate for community involvement and growth.Since 2020 Regita is the director of Social Entrepreneurship Association of [...]

Liene Reine-Miteva

Working on creating the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Latvia since 2018 when  hired to develop many aspects of the growing “Social entrepreneurship association of Latvia” both long and [...]