Krisztina Tora

Krisztina Tora is Chief Market Development Officer at GSG. She helps drive capital towards impact in 70 countries, advising governments, financial institutions, and others on how to accelerate [...]

Cassandre Milius

Cassandre Milius is a French entrepreneur, founder and CEO of The Good Habits, the first community app for positive support towards sustainability. Cassandre graduated from Grenoble EM and Strate [...]

Carole Riehl

Optician graduated in 2001, Carole applies her personal ecological convictions to her job to help the ecological transition in the optical industry by creating in 2014 the french blog Les [...]

Cynthia Asije

Cynthia Asije is a multi-award-winning textile designer who has grown her business, Adirelounge transforming agricultural waste to sustainable products while also empowering artisans and farmers [...]

Adèle Jamaux

As a designer, I have the mission to create solutions for needs without enough solutions, or solutions which are not enough relevant, in regard to the situations. I design solutions for people [...]

Ines Bensalem

Ines is an entrepreneur, producer and film director. In parallel to her university education, Ines directs and produces various creative audiovisual contents: short films, web-series, some of [...]

Inga Muižniece

Inga is the founder of the social enterprise Sonido and an expert on work integration. She has several years of experience in the integration of people at social risk into the working [...]

Isabelle Bart

Isabelle Bart is the founder of Impact Innovator, and is passionate about empowering individuals of all backgrounds to create innovative and impactful enterprises. Isabelle was previously the [...]

Diana Cristancho Díaz

I am a young professional from Colombia currently working in Human Rights, Gender Equality Politics and International Migrations and Refugees. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and a Master [...]

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